Professional Coaches

Billy Wallace

September 12, 2017

I am a bronze licenced coach, working with members at Knox Leisureworks. My role within the try club is to oversee the training and development of tri athletes as swimmers, whilst recognising that swimming takes place within the broader context of triathlon training and competition which must be equally balanced.

Swim training for triathletes presents its own unique set of circumstances, as swimmers come from a range of backgrounds, ranging from beginner to well advanced within the discipline and training must focus on swimming efficiency and technique, combined with aerobic capacity development to ensure all members are fully equipped to succeed in their chosen events each season.

If you have any questions or queries around swimming and training, please contact me on:

Paul Costo

September 12, 2017

Paul is our cycling coach while also a successful competitor.  He brings experience ranging from best bike fit to how to buff your opponents in a race.  Numerous years in the retail bike industry and also a passion for the social side of cycling he can inspire and support both the recreational and competitive members of the club. Tuesday to Saturday he can be found at Pinnacle Cycles - The Basin.


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